About Us

KARYA MAS is one of the major teak furniture manufacturing company in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. We have experienced more than a decade in making fitting & furniture's for the household and for the people who prefer the differ products in the market.

We produces high quality of Teak Wood Furniture products, such as Teak Solid Furniture, Teak Laminated Furniture's and teak for housing components in which come in varying sizes tailored to your requirement. In the meantime, the exquisite design of our teak laminated tiles and flooring help for those customers to discover the various of flooring products. Karya Mas is one of Kayu Mas group, which has also experienced in making flooring products. The company vision is to provide unique and innovative products to those perspectives customer.

Karya Mas Company was established in 1990. We have been marketed our product locally & internationally that met the customer quality standard.

However, our technology in making laminated products are merged between Solid Teak wood & Teak Laminate product that intend to satisfied and delights our customers to their fullest expectations.